Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learned this week

One thing I learned this last week was about my own computer, and what a new computer requires to run. It's interesting how much the performance requirement have risen over the past few years.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This week in Japan

Left Raleigh Durham last Wednesday morning after departing home about 3am with no sleep, got here Thursday night went to bed as soon as I unpacked, woke up Friday at 4:30 am. Was confused about what day was until late after noon. On a series of flights like that, you kinda loose track of time. It felt like it had just been Tuesday, and I was at the end of the week. But it was all good, walked all over Tenjin here in Fukuoka Friday, went to Seattle's Best for internet, and then to Genki to use their internet. Met all my old teachers, I think I had the conversation about loosing all my hair a half dozen times at least. My apartment this year is in an amazing location though, especially when I wake up for sunrise. I face north, and the balcony can see from East South East to South West, with 270 degree view. I can see the Skyline in 3 directions, the harbour, and mountains on two sides. I think I can even see 3 Crescent mountain that we climbed twice last year. It is rather hard to tell from so far away though. I'm enjoying my time in Japan again. I think this will be rather a good place to keep updates.
From Fukuoka, Japan,